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Two broken wings
"Yume wa tobidatsu no chiisana tsubasa de. Omoi wa kienai basho made futari de tooi umi o sora o koete..."

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What are some similarities you can see between me and my muse?

"Oh, Kurogane-san, you like books too?"

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My muse is standing outside in the rain, staring dazedly into the distance, seemingly so fazed out they haven’t even noticed the rain. Send “What are you thinking about?” And I’ll give you a description of what they are thinking/dreaming of.

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To say the last 48 hours hasn’t been interesting for the mage would be a massive understatement. Stumbling on the princess, knocked out and alone, was probably one of those giant signs pointing to ‘something horribly wrong with this place’. 

Still, he had managed to get her inside and safe before she woke up and that— was probably a good thing for both of them. 

When she woke and he heard her question, Fay nearly dropped the glass of water in his hand from how hard he startled. Calm down, it’s just Sakura— we can do this. Again.


"Mm, at this time of day I’d say Syaoran is off in a library and Kuro-sama is finding dinner. It’s just you and me right now." With a steadiness in his hand he wasn’t expecting, Fay handed the drink off to the girl with a small smile. "Are you feeling alright? I was worried you weren’t going to wake up tonight." 

"A library?"

It seemed that they had indeed continued their journey during her short slumber though the princess still had some trouble with remembering their previous location. It was actually the first time that she felt that 
e m p t y  i n s i d e .
As if something was missing— as if she just forgot an important fact, a memory she should have already known since they had already gathered an impressive amount of feathers.

"Y-Yes… after all Syaoran-kun loves books. I can imagine very well that he might already search for some clues which lead us to another feather of mine. Though I would dearly wish for him to ignore my loss for a moment… so that he might as well focus on something which brings a smile to his lips.

Moko-chan is missing as well… did she left together with Kurogane-san?”

The female tilted her head to one side, her eyes resting on the tall figure of the blond. He always had been a close friend of hers, since both of them created a strong bond during their journey through time and space. But somehow he seemed a little odd today, unlike other days it felt like he tried to hide something from her— something very important.

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In the end, I wanna be standing at the beginning with you.
sakuratsubasahime sent:

She didn't mean to enter his room without permission, but after several tries to knock at his door without receiving an answer she allowed herself to walk in and check after him. The young man seemed to be exhausted from the daily training with Kurogane. Without even knowing the princess made her way to his bed before even realizing that he wore nothing except his pants. But there was something else that caught her eye-- scars. "S-Syaoran... p-please wake up. Y-Your body-- a-are you in pain?"



image The young traveler was fast asleep, worn out from the ninja’s rigorous training. A soft voice only mildly caught his attention, and he softly groaned in response. The scars that covered his body were mostly old, from living on the streets as a small boy and defending himself. There were a few that were new, still red as they tried to heal. He heard the soft voice once more, and struggled to open his good eye.

"S..Sakura? What’s wrong?" He asked gently, raising a hand to brush her cheek. "Don’t make that sad face." He smiled tiredly.

image The teen’s mind was foggy, but a look of worry showed through as the princess spoke. It always pained him that she only saw herself as weak and useless, if only she knew the power her smile alone held. He could have been near death, and her glowing smile would bring him back to life.

"Don’t go." He begged softly and reached for her hand, gripping it gently. "It would help me if you stayed princess, I mean that." Amber eyes gazed sincerely up at her, silently praying for her to stay even a little longer.


Emerald orbs widen in surprise as soon as his hand reached for hers. It indeed was the right thing to leave and let the brown-haired rest for some more hours until they would need them back in the kitchen, after all the customers needed to be serve. But who would have guessed that he would want her to stay— not that Sakura disliked the idea of being with him it was quite the contrary since there was nothing she would rather do than keeping him company.

"…i-i won’t-! At least not if you want me to", she answered, a delighted smile forming upon her lips, "Do not worry Syaoran-kun. I want you to get better as soon as possible— so I’ll promise to take good care of you!"



"Let me paint you."

"Uhh- why would you want to do that?"


"When I was a kid, I believed you would become a mermaid when you went in the water to swim".

I really loved the little mermaid as a kid growing up so I had the warped perception you became a mermaid when you entered the water ahaha. This is me learning to swim with my cousin! This piece is for a gallery show at work.