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Two broken wings
"Yume wa tobidatsu no chiisana tsubasa de. Omoi wa kienai basho made futari de tooi umi o sora o koete..."

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Sakura and Shaoran neko X3 by kntfan010




"Hi there!"

"Ah— w-where am I?"




風—           “come on now, tell me, I won’t laugh I promise.”

"Ahaha w-well—", a nervous chuckle escaped the female’s throat before she continued, "I-I’ve been actually looking for someone in here. But since I am new around town it isn’t that easy to find my way… y-you sure never know where to end up, right?"

Even though it was an honest reply it still was not the whole truth about the auburnette.

Out of Feathers

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神に愛された娘 | 弥生 [pixiv]

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"Tender Kisses" (for Syao Muse)



Syaoran was intently reading through articles, trying to gather clues of the princess’s feathers. There were a few moments when he thought he had heard soft mutters, but his mind was too preoccupied with reading. Only the brush of petal-soft lips at the back of his neck snapped him out of his thoughts.

"S-Sakura?" He stammered as a bright blush painted his face.

image Syaoran smiled and turned around to pull her into his lap. “Of course you can stay. And don’t worry about helping me, this was my choice. Go ahead and rest if you like.” He offered her as he returned to his reading, thinking she’s at least be warmer and more comfortable this way.

"…uhh yes", ducking her head shyly she nodded, "T-Thank you." A small blush spread across the female’s face as soon as she realized how close they actually were. But Syaoran didn’t seem to bother his princess’ sudden obtrusion— it was quite the opposite since he seemed to enjoy her closeness. At least she thought she could spot a smile upon his lips— as if he would feel more relived with her by his side. "…are you happy Syaoran-kun?"


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