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[HIATUS] It's a promise!
"We will surely meet again!"

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M!A: ---
Your muse finds mine asleep at their desk. How does your muse wake mine?

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Out of Feathers

-{Unfortuenetely I won’t be able to rp this weekend, since I stay at my sister’s place in Bremen. My laptop still isn’t with me—- so I am very sorry to tell that I won’t be active again (exept blogging and writing messages per handy).

Please don’t worry too much about Tsubasa and me—- we will be back soon. Until then much love and huggies <3

Just a little test
Reblog this if I can tag you in random starters with no prior planning what so ever.

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(by Stanley*)

favorite mangasTsubasa Reservoir Chronicles by Clamp.
But there’s one thing you must remember. Whether you want it or not, once you have created bonds between you and other people, those bonds will never disappear.
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I’ll do them all.



        I want you. 
         I want us


橋と花海棠 (by Neconote)

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Our muses are having a sleepover, and my muse has casually fallen asleep in your muse’s bed. How does yours respond?
You have permission to flirt with me anonymously. Starting now.

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