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Out of Feathers

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"Oh, you’re awake?" Kale asked. "That’s good. You’re currently at the Inauras guildhall. Lydia brought you in when she saw you napping on one of the benches downtown. She was worried something might have been wrong."

"Inaruasu… what?", still rubbing her eyes the desert princess sat up, trying to get a hold of herself, "Lydia?" The name sounded kinda familiar.

"…ah- y-you mean the Lydia I once met at the market, don’t you?! We grabbed at an apple at the same time!" Now I remember… I knew I’ve heard that name once before. “I-Is she here as well?”

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"I guess is a good think there aren’t many people around. Graveyards are sad when empty, but even sadder when crowded." He made a little bow towards the girl, taking his hat off a bit. "Of course! Rokujo Chikage, but you can call me Rocchi. May I ask yours, miss?"

"I see what you mean and I have to agree—- it sure would be a rather sad view. May the day never come, where people are only able to find themselves at the graveyard and nowhere else."

"Rocchi? Is that you’re nickname?", a soft chuckle escaped the princess throat, "It’s nice to meet you then, Rocchi." It sure had been quite a while that she spoke in such an unformal and carefree tone. "Ah- w-well… of course! My name is… Sakura."

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"If we don’t hide all of them, he wouldn’t have a reason for look for it later, right? And Syaoran-kun won’t notice at first, since it’s all on his face~!"

"Now that I think about it Sakura-chan, you should draw a little more… I did most of it, you should join as well."

"Ah- b-but we didn’t even hide them all at the same spot. We actually scattered the clothes across the whole house" I also believe that Fai-san went outside for a short while… "What if he won’t find them?"

"E-Eh? M-More?! …are you really sure?" Is this marker even washable?

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"Yare, yare, you are truly desperate, huh? You sure that you haven’t a clue princess? Maybe go to a seeress, who can see the future? A hint in the future makes an important key for the future.”
"Fufufufu, never doubt anyone who can transport herself to any place~"

"Not desperate… I only believe you’re overestimating your powers way too much, destroyer of dimensions. If it would be that easy I would already have him back with me, right?
There is no other way—- than looking for him through time and space all by myself!”

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Anonymous sent:

Why are you cute?

"Uhh… t-to be honest I never gave it much thought—-" even though Fai-san and Moko-chan often mention that I would look cute no matter what I do ”—-well I believe it isn’t the first time that I was asked that kind of question”,

she offered the grey face a gentle smile before continuing, “Everyone for sure can be cute—- some are just too shy to let everyone know of their ‘cute side’ and others not even noticing that they might be acting cute every now and then.”